2009 Consumer Electronics Show – Smartphones and Cell Phones

While some reviewers don’t seem to think smartphones are ever the center of attention at the yearly Consumer Electronics Show, it isn’t that 2009 isn’t serving up its share where it comes to smartphone selections.
One product garnering attention is the new Blackberry curve 8900 which is the lightest Blackberry to date. It has fully integrated Bluetooth and GPS and built in Wi-Fi, and is supported by T-Mobile’s Unlimited Hot-spot Calling Service.

However, if an unlocked phone is more suited to your fancy, look to the HTC S743. Very compact, this smartphone lacks a touch screen and instead runs Windows Mobile 6.1. The new HTC boasts not only Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a GPS, but also a 3.2 mega pixel camera and a microSD expansion slot.

While Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS were the norm among smartphones shown at the CES, one phone has something the others don’t have (and maybe don’t want): a projector. The Logic Bolt, by Logic Wireless, can project a two hour long movie on a 36-60 inch screen using a liquid crystal on silicon projector with an LED backlight. The current version of this phone is apparently only a prototype just to get the press interested or, perhaps, to see whether there is any consumer interest beyond ridicule.

Speaking of ridicule, Neutrano is receiving plenty of that although somewhat undeservedly for its Wristfone, a Dick Tracy style watch phone. This item, like the Logic Bolt, isn’t ready to be released. Furthermore, it isn’t the only watch phone at the show. LG is also showing their LG-GD910, a product similar to the Wristfone, but sleeker and with more bells and whistles. However, Neutrano is committed to bringing their Wristfone to U.S. markets while LG seems satisfied with European markets.

Another smartphone committed to coming to the US is the INQ1, from INQ Mobile, a company in the United Kingdom. INQ1 seems to be tailor made for lazy Americans as it is a regular phone that has many social networking and other programs built in. Facebook, Skype, Google, Yahoo, Ebay, and Windows Messenger are built in, and the product also supports Java and Brew so you can add other applications like My Space. That is, you can add them if you’re not too lazy.

Of course, smartphones aren’t the only phones at the Consumer Electronics Show. Cell phones are also making a showing. The LGVX8360 is being praised as a good middle of the road choice for Verizon customers with large, easy to press controls and an easy to see display. The 8360 costs only $50 with a two year service agreement. However, it just seems odd that anyone would bother with a “dumb” phone like the 8360 when they could have a smartphone.

As for me, I’m hoping that Neutrano has their Wristfone released in the US by Christmas. I’ve always wanted to play Dick Tracy.











What is Clash Royale Hack? Why do you need it?

The enhanced online gaming culture has truly redefined the way we play various games. Today, whether you are at your home or not, you have a laptop or not, you can easily get immersed in the world of your favorite games from any location at any time. Clash Royale is one of those games which are truly addictive and impressive. Once you start playing the game, you will fall in love with the marvelous controls, great bonanzas, and the epic graphics. The overall game comes with fantastic features that will keep you immersed all the time. But, if you have ever got stuck in any of the levels, and have ever scrutinized for Clash Royale hack, then you are at the right spot.

Know a bit more about the tool for Clash Royale!

Well, those who are searching out for the hacks would surely have the complete idea of how the game works and what it is. However, if you are a beginner, then it is essential for you to know the gameplay first.

Clash Royale is a video game developed by a super cell.

It combines numerous elements such as cards, tower defense, and multiplayer online gaming arena.

As a player, your major goal is to destroy as many towers of your opponent as possible.

The highest possible level that you can reach is 13.

During the game play, you may also have to gain various experience points either through upgrading your cards or donating them.

The game has a really amazing plot that comes up with interesting challenges at times.

Why do we require Clash Royale Hack in the game?

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You can add up more friends and can create a strong clan.

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Motorola Droid, a Box of Gadgets in the Palm of Your Hand!

I’ve been using cell phones for nearly thirty years. I started off as what could well be termed a pioneer user in Central Florida back in the early eighties. Running a mobile DJ service at the time, I could readily see the potential and benefits that a mobile phone would present to my small but growing company.

“Just Imagine;” I thought to myself as I stood there viewing the latest and greatest newly released cell phones in a now defunct major electronics retailer, “my customers and potential customers will be able to reach me immediately no matter where I am or what I am doing!”
That day I went home with a Novatel bag phone that weighed over eight pounds with a massive battery in the bottom of the bag that had a tendency to get very hot while in use or while charging. I dragged that cell phone everywhere over the next year enduring everything from extremely spotty service that would literally drop calls from one block or street to another to sticking the suction cup antenna to a restaurant window while eating to maintain some semblance of reception. What fun!

Today, with devices like my current smartphone, the Motorola Droid, also known as the A855, I no longer need to be concerned with huge batteries and sticking external suction cupped antennas on windows. In fact, with the advent of smartphones, I now have mobility and access to services and products I never imagined back then.

I liken it to the immense change that technology has brought to the business I was in at the time. I needed a large cargo van to haul a two-piece DJ stand, speakers, tables and over eight thousand records around Central Florida and today, thanks to Ipods and other media players, I could conceivably go play a gig on a motorcycle.

After all those years of cell phone use and having owned and used too many cell phones to list here I can unequivocally state that the Motorola Droid I currently own is the single overall best cell phone or smartphone I have ever owned. This opinion comes after having been the owner of everything from the Palm series of smartphones, to Blackberry and Samsung.

Previously my favorite phone was the Blackberry 8830 World Edition. Sadly, I never was able to realize the full potential of the phone due to the simple fact that the carrier I was with at the time lacked the coverage necessary to allow a smartphone to do what it is designed to do. We’ll touch a bit more on that later.

Keep in mind that the cell and smartphone industry is designed and based on planned obsolescence. Case in point; I have owned my Motorola Droid for nearly a year now and if you walk into most cell phone stores today you cannot find that phone or its accessories anywhere on the shelves. However, the phone and it’s accessories are still available if you just ask for it or look for it online.

Because of this planned obsolescence I will not bore you with the many technical specs of the Motorola Droid other than to say it comes with a 550 mHz processor, rear five mega pixel camera, 3.7 inch glass display/touchscreen, slide-out Qwerty keyboard and a pre-installed 16 GB pre-installed micro SD memory card. This smartphone can handle cards up to 32 GB.

To give you a little perspective of the computing power packed into this palm-sized device; my first PC tower was a 333 mHz computer.

Using the newly popular Android operating system, an open code OS that allows any and all developers to have at it where apps are concerned, the Motorola Droid can take on and actually use just about any app/function I could ever wish for on a phone. In addition it comes with a pre-installed, voice-run GPS navigation system that immediately makes any GPS device you already own or were considering buying completely unnecessary.

In order that the average new user or potential purchaser of the Motorola Droid can fully understand the true power and capability of this smartphone I will list just some of the applications and functions I currently use.

I can check the weather anywhere on the Weather channel, I am able to read major newspapers, online news services, ebooks and blogs. I can listen to stereo music. I can plan a trip of any sort. I can shop online, scan prices and sku’s in stores, compare prices and obtain coupons instantly. All my email accounts can be integrated into my Droid for instant notification and reading/responding. I can take/edit/send/receive photos or video. I have the ability to store countless contacts and all their information and make it a fingertip away. My smartphone can keep track of scheduling, important events and appointments, and remind me of birthdays. I can go to a golf course and immediately access all the course information I need including GPS distance and markers on each hole.

I’m going to stop there because I could fill up two more pages with the many things this Motorola Droid smartphone can do. There are times when it is just mind boggling how attached and integrated your life can become with a single electronic device. I’m not sure I would like to live like that; in fear that my whole life could be lost should something happen to my smartphone. Fortunately you can even back up your smartphone physically or online and lock and unlock it remotely.

There are a few key things you should know as a consumer as you go through the decision making process of buying a cell phone or smartphone. As a time saver, if you are one of those people who feels compelled to own the latest and greatest no matter what, you will find the rest of this review useless.

The first thing you should be concerned about when purchasing a smartphone, whether it is the Motorola Droid or not, is coverage! Without coverage most of what a smartphone is designed to do becomes utterly useless and frustrating. I learned this the hard way hanging with a cell phone service provider for years that did not have the coverage to allow my Blackberry to do what it should have been able to do.

The next thing you should understand is that all this capability is going to cost you. If you want a smartphone and you want it to be and act smart you are going to have to pay for the services and apps. The good part is that many apps are free and some of the best are less than five dollars.
Finally, you should understand that many smartphones that have been released over the last year or two are powerful devices that never really get stretched to limits of what they can actually do by most users. I found this to be true when I sold computers for a major retailer. Many people never take their machines anywhere near its limitations in computing power and they usually blame slowness on the machines instead of on the servers where most blame lies anyway just as in cell phone usage.

What all this means to the average consumer is that you can buy a smartphone such as the Motorola Droid at greatly reduced prices a year or more after their release and still get a device that is one powerful piece of equipment in your palm.

Sure it’s not the latest Apple smartphone but you didn’t have to lay out five to seven hundred dollars for it either. Look at it this way. I make part of my living repairing and designing systems for people and if the Motorola Droid is enough for me it may very well be more than enough for you especially if you would like to save a whole bunch of money in the process.

My DoItAll Hands-on Preview for Nintendo DS

My DoItAll marks many firsts. It is the first original title to be produced out of the North American branch of Tomy. In addition, My DoItAll is also the first lifestyle game to be made for both boys and girls. Is this handheld game good enough to warrant the initial investment and subsequent sequels? Find out in this hands-on preview of My DoItAll for the Nintendo DS.

You shouldn’t expect too much from My DoItAll in terms of visuals as this Nintendo DS game contains nothing more than menus. Still, the well-designed menus in the game look very polished.


The charming background music fits perfectly into relaxing nature of My DoItAll.


My DoItAll is more so an application software than an actual Nintendo DS game. You could say that it transforms your Nintendo DS into a mini-PDA.

My DoItAll has 16 different applications that cater to the user of the Nintendo DS. When you first boot up the game, you will immediately want to create a friend card. These special cards will let you identify yourself and also give out contact information to other players. The Friend Card application is fairly deep as you can create your virtual avatar from a robust list of customization options.

Once you are done making a friend card, you can play several mini-games like dice tossing in addition to crazy eights and ninety-eight card games. Furthermore, you will get several miscellaneous applications that should provide some entrainment while hanging out with friends in My DoItAll like voting, spinning and voice changer.

It is not all fun and games with My DoItAll, however. You also get plenty of educational tools including a journal, notepad, world map, calendar, periodic table and a robust calculator application (where you calculate everything from weight to temperature to currency).

All the applications are tied together by easy-to-understand touch screen control interface. My DoItAll relies entirely on the use of the stylus. You will get the hang of the control instantly if you have any prior experience with using a touch-screen application beforehand.

My DoItAll is a good Nintendo DS title for multi-functionality. However, don’t expect to have much fun actually playing the title as most of the mini-games are basically virtual renditions of physical games that are better off playing with real objects (like game games).

Final Product

At $29.99, My DoItAll is a little too expensive to recommend even with its multi-purpose functionality. You can check out the product yourself when it is released in mid-February for the Nintendo DS.

GAMING – RPGs on Handhelds

I hope it’s just me but I’m finding that the quest for great-quality original rpgs on the handhelds is a painstakingly hard one. By this point, I’ve lost count of how many times I finished a game with mixed feelings and realizing via research that it was either a port of a ten-year-old game or a remake. Granted, some of these ports like Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions and Final Fantasy IV Advance are really awesome especially considering the fact that I’ve never played the original versions but it still gives me that disappointed feeling. As soon as I get on the interwebs to talk about the game, I quickly find out that I also need to research how different this port/remake is from the original game it was based on. Regarding rpgs and handheld systems, it just feels like majority of the developers and publishers view it as a platform to carelessly and lazily recode something they’ve done years prior.

From a business perspective, I don’t really blame the publishers and developers for treating the handheld systems like this. Most gamers are much more focused on games on consoles that are hooked to the TV and so handheld software clearly doesn’t move as much units as a console counter-part. It’s probably logical to think that spending all that effort and risk into an handheld title wouldn’t yield enough profits for that effort to be worth it. Since well-known publishers like SqureEnix can just translate and enhance an already-established code and still make a lot of money off of it, they have all the more incentive to do ports or remakes and all the less to do something original and geared specifically for whatever handheld system they’re working on.

And in the past, there was also the limited hardware design of the system to consider, since even up to the point of Gameboy Advance, developers only had one d-pad, two face-buttons and two shoulder buttons to work with, not including the fact that the graphics capability of GBA was technically fairly weak. But then again, in this era of the technically impressive PSP and the potential-wielding DS, it’s frustrating to find that this quest for amazing yet original rpgs is still just as hard as before. I’ve already played through FFIV and although I know the DS remake is awesome, I would definitely give more attention to something new, something fresh, something I haven’t seen before.

Perhaps I’m telling things too early since in regards to the DS, valuable loot is finally starting to show up in this difficult quest. The World Ends with You came out of nowhere and pleasantly surprised everyone and it looks like we have a bright future ahead of us with the prospect of games like Blood of Bahamut, Dragon Quest IX, 7th Dragon, Sands of Destruction, Golden Sun DS… There’s still going to be flood of re-releases and remakes but just the fact that there will be more than just a handful of original has me excited.

RPGs can be truly amazing when designed specifically for the handhelds. Golden Sun and Golden Sun: Lost Age are such big names in this field because its originality and its quality simply had no comparable peer in the handheld realm and I would love to imagine how awesome many other handheld rpgs would turn out to be if there was this fervor to create original and full-scale rpgs for the handhelds not just by small-budget teams like Atlus but by bigger giants like SquareEnix, Sega, and maybe even entities like Capcom, Konami, or Sega.

I just love being able to play a little bit here and there of an amazing epic quest anywhere I go but I think I’m just growing real tired of playing through the same stories over and over again, stories and adventures that have been told too many times for too many years.

Rockstar Games to Present World Premier of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned at Spike’s Video Game Awards

On December 14, 2008, Rockstar Games and Spike TV will bring you the first look at Grand Theft Auto IV’s first downloadable content, The Lost and Damned. This world event will be held during the 2008 Video Game Awards on Spike TV live at 9:00pm, ET. There will also be a tape delay on the West Coast.
From the press release: “The sixth annual “VGAs,” hosted by Jack Black, will bring together megastars from the worlds of video games, Hollywood, music, sports and more to celebrate the outstanding achievements within the video game industry over the past year, and world premiere the hottest games of 2009 and beyond. The 2-hour extravaganza will premiere LIVE on Spike TV Sunday, December 14 at 9:00pm, ET (tape delay on West Coast) from Sony Picture Studios in Culver City, CA.”

With nine nominations for the 2008 Game of the Year award, Grand Theft Auto IV has a strong chance of being 2008’s pick. The competition will be stiff, with games like Fallout 3, Resistance 2, Fable 2, and Gears of War 2. With so many stellar games released this year, it is anyone’s call.

Grand Theft Auto IV’s soon to be downloadable episode, The Lost and the Damned, will be an Xbox Live exclusive. The Lost and the Damned will feature a new main character, and a totally new storyline. That being said, the plot will intersect with Nico, or some other part of the original story. Additionally, the downloadable content will also feature new vehicles, weapons, multiplayer modes, and most interestingly: new music. Known for having some of the best soundtracks in gaming, fans of the Grand Theft series are eagerly awaiting more news regarding the included tracks.

The Lost and the Damned will be available for download exclusively on Microsoft’s Xbox Live online service starting on February 17, 2009. In order to play the downloadable content, gamers will need to have the original Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360.

One thing is for sure, The Lost and the Damned will break all kinds of records regarding downloadable content. In this new age of digital distribution for many forms of media, such as movies, music, and now video games, we have to wonder if these game add-ons will be up to snuff. Thus far, they have been pretty hit or miss, but hopefully, Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned will raise the bar for all video games.

Secrets to Getting Clash Royale to Complete Quests Easily

Effective gameplay in the clash royale game

If you are looking to play the real time multiplayer game then clash royale is the ideal choice because of its gameplay and features. It is highly revenue generated game and many of the people are providing positive feedback to this game because it is developed by Supercell. In fact it is designed with your clash characters and players might collect their desired cards and they are also upgraded the cards. It is also consisting of the royale, princes, knights and baby dragons so it is the best game play along with your family members. Winning is considered as how much tower that are winning from your opponent. In case you are destroying the opponent kings tower then you might easily win a game. It is completely free to download game and game items are purchased with the help of real world currency. In case you are willing to play clash royale game then it is required network connection. Gem is the most considerable and important resource in this game because it is only speed up the unlocking process.

Different types of chest available in clash royale game

Chest is the important resource in the clash royale game and there are different kinds of the chests are available which is having different property to unlock the cards. When it comes to the vast numbers of chest available in clash royale game was listed below such as

  • Silver chest might take 3 hours for unlocking
  • Legendry chest is taking 24 hours
  • Golden chest takes 8 hours
  • Epic and magical chests take more than 12 hours
  • Super chests are taking 24 hours
  • Giants chest is taking 12 hours

However getting all kinds of chest is most important and most of the people are offered positive suggestion and feedback to this game because it is having attracting gameplay. Basically it is soft launched game in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand and Norway. It is the best multiplayer game because you can fight against with your opponent. Player can also form clan to battle with their opponent so you can easily win this game. Supercell is the best game development company across the world and they are always looking to offer the excellent gameplay to their clients. It is designed with the amazing technique and you might be involved in this game interestingly. If you are constructing the ultimate battle deck then you might be increased your winning possibility. Once you are willing to win the epic crown and crown then you must destroy your opponent towers.

Detailed gameplay in clash royale game

Basically clash royale is most interesting and attractive strategy game and one of the studies says that it is getting five star reviews at app store. If you are completing the classic challenge game then you might win the 100 cards and 2000 gold so try to play the classic challenge game. In a clash royale game is designed with the clan characters so that is attracting all aged people. In case you are not willing to use your real world currency then players might use clash royale hack tool. Actually this game is combined the tower defense and multiplayer online arena so it is the best choice strategy game lover. It is released on the year of 2016 and it is supporting for both android and iOS device. In this game players can also win the crown chest either freely or you can purchase it from the app store. It is designed with the amazing features of tournament and it is the best platform for winning more amounts of gold and cards.

Hottest Video Games for Christmas 2008

With the holiday season approaching; most video gamers are making a wish list for what they hope to find under their Christmas tree in 2008. But how do you find out what they want with so many titles being released. Here is a list of 10 hottest video games that will be sure to make this Christmas memorable for any video gamer and earn you the title of best gift giver.
Lego Batman – Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, PC, PSP

The success of the Batman movies and previous Lego video games helped fuel the excitement over this release from Warner Brothers Interactive. Combining the best of both worlds, the games focuses on a Lego Batman and Robin who must save Gotham from a multitude of criminals, like Catwoman, the Joker, and the Penguin. There are thirty levels and customizable characters in the game to keep your video gamer enthralled from beginning to end. Make sure to add this video game to your gift list for Christmas 2008. Average Retail Price $ 49.99

Dead Space – Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC

This action adventure game takes place in deep space and is filled with relentless enemies who are lurking in the shadows. Your character is armed to the teeth with devastating weapons to go along with their telekinetic powers to survive the gruesome fate of the ship’s previous crew. With enemies around every corner and in each dark hole, your video gamer will need to stay on their toes if they want to make it out in one piece. This game is a must have of any gamer for Christmas 2008. Average Retail Price $59.99

Guitar Hero World Tour – Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii

Any fans of the previous games from the Guitar Hero franchise will have this release from Activision on their Christmas 2008 list. This game offers more of a creative license for you, from designing your character’s appearance, instruments, band logo, and even album covers. There is a Battle of the Band mode that will let up to 8 players go head to head in the competition. When this game is released on the 26th of October, you can be sure video gamers will be dreaming of it for Christmas. Average Retail Price $59.99

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – PC.

Blizzard is releasing their second expansion to the widely popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft. With the release of the expansion, video gamers will be able to have their characters reach level 80 along with exploring a new character Hero class, the Death Knight. New quests and dungeons await all those who enter the land of Azeroth. Video gamers will need to have both the original World of Warcraft and expansion Burning Crusade to be able to play in this game released on November 13th. If your gamer knows what a Tauren is, then this gift will be a home run. Average Retail Price $39.99

Tom Clancy’s Endwar – Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PSP

Ubi Soft plans to release this game title on the 4th of November though it has already become one of the mostly sought after video games. Tom Clancy’s Endwar takes places in the year 2020 where you will be the commanding officer of three different armies who are engaged in fierce battle around the world. Whether the battle takes place in remote battlefields or in cities like Paris and Washington D.C., video gamers will be enthralled by the realistic detail and strategic planning. This game will appeal to those who enjoy multiplayer modes and defeat their opponents online. Endwar will be a game even the Elves are asking for from Santa. Average Retail Price $ 59.99.

Tomb Raider: Underworld – Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, PC

The iconic female adventure, Lara Croft, is back and ready for action in this release from Eidos Interactive. Scheduled to be released on November 19th, Tomb Raider: Underworld is ready to take the franchise to the next level. You will be able to guide Croft through the interactive environment with her aerobatic skills and wider ranger of combat abilities, from pacifying your enemy by non-lethal means to shooting at your enemies with one hand while suspended by the other. The game will be on video gamers of all ages for Christmas 2008. Average Retail Price $ 59.99.

Animal Crossing: City Folk – Nintendo Wii

Scheduled to be released on November 16th, Animal Crossing: City Folk will be at the top of the Christmas list for all Wii owners. The freeform game play is the biggest attraction to the video gamer as it will allow them countless numbers of ways to interact. Buy a house, catch fireflies in the summer, or just hang out with your friends and spend your time shopping. Not only does this game offer multiplayer mode up to four players, the Wii speak microphone will be able to communicate with those online. Average Retail Price $ 49.99

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts amp; Bolts – Xbox 360

This third installment of Banjo-Kazooie series is set to release on November 12th and is poised to be one of the hottest games of Christmas 2008. Banjo the Bear and bird friend, Kazooie, will have to win battles over a various surfaces by creating unique vehicles and weapons. Video gamers will have the chance to come up with over 100 different contraptions to be used in their quest for glory, from egg guns to flying saucers. This game is only available on the Xbox. Average Retail Price $39.99

Prince of Persia – Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC

This sought after video game is the perfect example of being able to teach an old dog new tricks. Ubisoft has schedule to release this game on December 2 and plans to turn the video gaming industry on its head. The Price of Persia will retain the same game play from the ‘Sands of Time’ series but the video gamer will be able to play the game in a non-linear fashion. Meaning they will be able to explore any area of the world whenever the mood strikes. This open ended play, combined with the interactive puzzle solving and combat elements will make sure this game is at the top of everyone’s list for Christmas 2008. Average Retail Price $59.99

Resistance 2 – Playstation 3

On November 4th, Sony will release the sequel to the popular Resistance: Fall of Man just in time for the Christmas holiday shopping season. Video gamers will be able to experience battle settings in a massive environment when they play Resistance 2. The biggest draw of the game is the enhance artificial intelligence where your opponents will react to your tactics and learn from them. The game will feature a squad-based online battles where up to 60 players can be involved in the skirmish. This game is sure to wind up on any video gamers list for Christmas 2008. Average Retail Price $59.99




Each of these games can be found in your Big Box Retailer, like Best Buy or Wal-Mart, and at online sites, like Amazon.com, for the retail prices listed above.

Simple & Efficient to use Hay Day Hack

The hay day is a new online hack tool for generating and unlocking by simply using the sharing buttons. If you are new to this online tool, you just follow the instructions carefully. The hay day hack is a free online tool to use that works perfectly on all devices without even downloading any extra software. The hay day hack online is also safe for your user game account and able to use by all the players without any hassles. Once you start playing this game, you must understand the importance of getting resources and then download this hack tool for further use. In order to move forward in hay day, the diamonds are one of the essential resources to get.

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Steps to use the hay day hack tool

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Amazing benefits of using hay day hack tool

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