My DoItAll Hands-on Preview for Nintendo DS

My DoItAll marks many firsts. It is the first original title to be produced out of the North American branch of Tomy. In addition, My DoItAll is also the first lifestyle game to be made for both boys and girls. Is this handheld game good enough to warrant the initial investment and subsequent sequels? Find out in this hands-on preview of My DoItAll for the Nintendo DS.

You shouldn’t expect too much from My DoItAll in terms of visuals as this Nintendo DS game contains nothing more than menus. Still, the well-designed menus in the game look very polished.


The charming background music fits perfectly into relaxing nature of My DoItAll.


My DoItAll is more so an application software than an actual Nintendo DS game. You could say that it transforms your Nintendo DS into a mini-PDA.

My DoItAll has 16 different applications that cater to the user of the Nintendo DS. When you first boot up the game, you will immediately want to create a friend card. These special cards will let you identify yourself and also give out contact information to other players. The Friend Card application is fairly deep as you can create your virtual avatar from a robust list of customization options.

Once you are done making a friend card, you can play several mini-games like dice tossing in addition to crazy eights and ninety-eight card games. Furthermore, you will get several miscellaneous applications that should provide some entrainment while hanging out with friends in My DoItAll like voting, spinning and voice changer.

It is not all fun and games with My DoItAll, however. You also get plenty of educational tools including a journal, notepad, world map, calendar, periodic table and a robust calculator application (where you calculate everything from weight to temperature to currency).

All the applications are tied together by easy-to-understand touch screen control interface. My DoItAll relies entirely on the use of the stylus. You will get the hang of the control instantly if you have any prior experience with using a touch-screen application beforehand.

My DoItAll is a good Nintendo DS title for multi-functionality. However, don’t expect to have much fun actually playing the title as most of the mini-games are basically virtual renditions of physical games that are better off playing with real objects (like game games).

Final Product

At $29.99, My DoItAll is a little too expensive to recommend even with its multi-purpose functionality. You can check out the product yourself when it is released in mid-February for the Nintendo DS.

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